Everything that is alive has a heart and a soul and everything in the world is born and dies.

The Fountain of a Whale is a magical-realist drama by PV Lehtinen which combines Scandinavian folklore with the director's characteristic visual style.

PV Lehtinen is internationally acclaimed short film director and writer. The Fountain Of A Whale will be his long-awaited debut feature film.

After surviving a drowning accident in the late 1940's, a young boy no longer utters a word. His old grandmother from the Aland Islands moves in with his family and tells him a fascinating story about her fisherman grandfather who ended up trapped inside of a whale. A silent bond is formed. Many years later the very same boy, now a grandfather himself, is told that his grandchild has a fatal heart disease. Can he save her? And at what cost?

Format: Digital film
Aspect ratio: 1:2,35
Running Time: 90 min
Genre: Drama (fantasy)
Status of the production: In development
Shooting Starts: 2017
Looking for: Financing, co-producer, sales agent, international distribution
World sales: Available

Production companies:

Cineparadiso Ltd.
tel. +358 50 5828634


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